Vultures Chinua Achebe Essay

Compare and Contrast Vultures by Chinua Achebe & What Were They Like by Denise Levertov.

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Compare and contrast Vultures by Chinua Achebe & What Were They Like by Denise Levertov.

In both of these poems the poets are concerned with war and both poets write like they have a negative attitude towards it. Both poets talk about the presence of evil in war and what the consequences of war are later on in life. They also discuss the feelings behind war, and why we should be sympathetic for the people who were killed for no reason during these wars. I also think that both poets portray an image of violent and cruel racism within these poems, especially World War 2, which led to millions of Jews ect being killed just because they were different and didn't fit in.


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The '' bashed in head '' is a horrible way to describe how all the victims during World War 2 were treated. Also the use of the words '' a dump off gross feathers '' isn't a term to do with the vultures, I think that the author has used this too describe all the clothes the executed people were forced to take off before being executed.

I think that Chinua Achebe has written this poem to make us feel sorry for all the people who were killed during World War 2, because he makes it seem like the people who was killed were not even classed as humans they were classed as animals because they didn't fit in the living style of the Nazis. She makes them seem like animals with the words '' fumes of human roast '' , I think this because you wouldn't normally use the word roast too be associated with humans, because typically you would think of the word roast to do with pigs or some kind of animal.

I think that the form of the poem is interesting because the lines are all quite closely packed together like the Jews were when they were all being transported to the concentration camps. In addition the lines are quite short like the Jews lives where because they wouldn't have lived for long in the concentration camps before they were killed.

In the third stanza the poet has written how the commander '' picks up a chocolate for his tender

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Compare how visual images are used in Blessing and one other poem

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Compare how visual images are used in Blessing and one other poem
(Vultures) to highlight political issues.

The poet of Blessing Imtiaz Dharker and the poet of Vultures Chinua
Achebe both use visual images to highlight the political issues in both poems. However both poems are very different from each other and contrast from of the poets’ views. The poem Blessing is about a water pipe bursting and how that is a blessing, as in the country they live in water is very limited and it doesn’t rain much in the country. The poem Vultures is about the evil of war and how evil always has good and good always has evil. The contrast in the two poems is Blessing is about Poverty and lack of water, whereas Vultures is about war and
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After the first time in reading the poem the first thing that comes to mind would when it water in the country they people find it as a blessing, “the sudden rush of fortune” fortune is a positive word which represents the riches, values and wealth. On the other hand after reading the poem a couple of times we realise that the pipe bursting is not a blessing.
“The municipal pipe bursts,” the pipe in the village bursts this is a tragedy as the village will not water for a number of days until the pipe is fixed. In the poem Vultures we see the vultures as horrible creatures that have no feeling and eat up everything and then show an affectionate side. The poet then goes on to showing as how the worst, uncaring humans and also love. “Nostrils will stop at the wayside sweet-shop” the horrible commandant will stop at a shop to bye his child chocolate. The imagery is between good and evil; however the imagery of repulsive is extended imagery.

The poem Blessing consists of twenty three lines, and three stanzas.
The poem does not rhyme and there are brief sentences. There is some enjambment and some of the sentences finish at the end of the line.
The poem is written in 5 sentences, this shows five different stages for the water pipe bursting. Before the water pipe burst how their skin was dry, imagining the pipe bursting “Imagine the drip of it”.
The pipe bursting, after that how everyone rushes to collect the water, how happy the

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