City Of Ember Essay

Discussion questions

Spoiler alert! Some of the questions contain key elements of the plot. Do not read if you don't want to know what happens!

  1. Pay attention to "The Instructions" before chapter one in the book. Keep remembering them as you read the book, and re-read them when you finish.
  2. Who do you think built Ember and why? When does the book happen?
  3. Why did Doon want to trade jobs? Why was Lina so happy to trade with him? How does Lina's new job really suit her? Describe Lina and Doon and the other characters you meet in the first few chapters.
  4. Describe the jobs the other kids get. What would you want to do, if you lived in Ember?
  5. Who takes care of Lina and Poppy? This changes during the story. How? How does the meaning of the words, "alone in the world" (p. 143) change for Lina? Do you have someone who looks out for you, or whom you look out for? What does Poppy and Lina's grandma and Poppy herself have to do with the finding of the "The box in the closet" and "The message full of holes?" Who are the people Lina shows the message to? Would you have chosen different people to share the message with, or a different order of the people Lina chose? Who and when?
  6. How would you have felt about sharing "Lizzie's groceries?" There are clues in this chapter that Lina puts together with Doon's "Dreadful discovery." What are they? Somehow, they still don't have the whole picture until Song Rehearsal Day. Can you imagine how you would feel in their place?
  7. In "Where the river goes," Lina, Doon, and Poppy display different reactions to their journey out of Ember. Do you identify with any of them, or would you have had a different reaction? How do the characters of Lina and Doon determine what happens in the book? Would you want them for friends?
  8. Do you think the ending of the book was realistic? If not, how would you have changed it? Does the ending fit with "The Instructions," at the beginning of the book?
  9. There is a sequel to The City of Ember, called The People of Sparks. Do you think you will read it? Why or why not?

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Transcript of The city of Ember: Compare and contrast.

The way out...
The book and the movie.
The book of "The City of Ember" and the movie, were almost exactly alike. But there were some differences too.
The book and the movie.
The book and the movie.
The book and the movie.
The city of Ember: Compare and contrast
When Lina and Doon told the city about the way out
Lina and Doon plan to tell the city about the way out during the singing. But in the movie they don't plan to tell everyone until they get out of Ember successfully.
In the book and the movie, Lina and Doon have the same names.
The invention Doon's father gives to him...
In the movie, Doon gets an invention from his father but he doesn't know what to do with it. Unlike the movie, the book doesn't mention anything about an "invention" from Doon's father.
Their names.
Where the exit was located.
The exit, in both the book and the movie, was located in the pipeworks.
In the end, Lina, Doon and Poppy all find the way out of Ember. But this is just the start of something new, the rest of the citizens in Ember still have to get out, but will they trust Lina and Doon?

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