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Ok. I have a lot of respect for practically every art genre. However sometimes the emperor is wearing no clothes. I especially have a problem when art critics suggest that there is something special about Mondrian's art because he mastered the art of line on canvas. I also have a problem with the claim that you made suggesting that CY Twombly's scribbles are masterful. No doubt, these artists have done works of merit. However, the works that become famous are sometimes the artist's most sloppy works.
Sometimes I think that the artist is laughing at his/her audience. Take for example Pablo Picasso. His art skills were masterful... both in drawing and in his cubism pieces. However, sometimes it is said that he would pay for his meal, and other goods and services by making a scribble on a napkin or a piece of paper and passing it as a piece of art. It highlights the fact that sometimes we value art because of WHO created it, rather than on the merit of the work alone.
I think that you would be hard pressed to get the works of either Mondrian or Twombly into an art exhibit, had the door not been opened already. As you mentioned, perhaps the issue is not so much that "I could do that," so much that it is "many people could do something similar, but not have it valued as highly as these pieces are." Artists in the main stream art world are frequently built around a name rather than around the work of the artist. Honestly, if you could assert that their work would be accepted as masterful had they been introduced by anyone, then I would challenge you to prove it. The fact is that many extremely talented artists are never recognized as masters. Much of what is recognized is based upon fad and contacts.
Yoko Ono might have disappeared into obscurity had John Lennon not bitten into her "Apple." From that point forward, her name built around his and carried her work into fame. It is for this reason that her work is known, and she continues to be known in the art world. The same could definitely be said of her singing voice.
This pretentious world of who's who in the art world is why artists such as Chuck Close care very little for interacting with the main stream art world. It is also why many artists, especially women and minorities have had to take drastic measures to get their art work noticed. Many others, like Van Gogh and Vivian Maier do not get recognized until after they have passed, when the art world "discovered" that there is money to be made.
When a person says, "I could do that," it is not always true that there is no underlying talent or skill. I know that some people have said of Edvard Munch's work that "my 5-year-old could do that." Underlying is the premise that the simplicity of the work makes the work itself less innately valuable. I would vehemently disagree with an assertion that his work lacks value and talent. Yet there are other artists in the world who have tremendous talent who will never receive the recognition that Munch and Pollack have received. Unfortunately, recognition is afforded deferentially, all too often based upon name recognition over the merit of each individual piece. I would challenge the work of the so-called master artists to be submitted to galleries and auctions as pieces created by "artist unknown." With no prior knowledge of the artist's background, I would submit that the selection of favored works would be a random crap shoot. I would consider that when the viewer stands back and says, "I could do that," they really are commenting on the subjective value that is assigned to one piece over another. This commentary in this video seems to suggest that the viewer should marvel at a piece based upon a knowledge of the person who created it, rather than on their own reaction to the individual piece that they are viewing. It also suggests that the novice could not create a work of equal merit or similar quality. The dismissal of the taste of the average person is why sometimes the average person cares little for so-called "high art."

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