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The School of Business encourages and fosters a rich research-oriented environment for faculty and doctoral candidates. Students can choose from a variety of topics reflecting the varied research interests of our faculty. The Ph.D. Program is intended to prepare students to conduct original research; i.e., to explain phenomena previously not well understood and then to test proposed explanations empirically.


  • Value relevance of accounting information
  • Valuation
  • Earnings management
  • Accounting conservatism
  • Book-tax differences
  • Tax policy
  • Taxes and business decisions
  • Uncertain tax positions
  • Economics-based accounting
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Securities regulation in international capital markets


  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Real options
  • Risk management
  • Financial intermediation
  • IPO’s
  • Event studies in Finance and Real Estate
  • Market frictions and asset pricing
  • House price indices
  • Real Estate market analysis
  • Capital structure
  • Mutual funds
  • Healthcare finance


  • Corporate alliances and networks
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Long horizon investments
  • Real options
  • Human capital and top management teams
  • Family firms and venture capitalists
  • Team processes and effectiveness
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Leadership
  • Gender and diversity in the workplace
  • Work and family
  • International expansion
  • Learning processes
  • Managerial ethics
  • Cross-cultural behavior
  • Employee attachment to organizations
  • Training effectiveness


  • Consumer judgment
  • Consumer attitudes and inferences
  • Information search
  • Cross-cultural consumer behavior
  • Brands and branding
  • Buyer-supplier relationships
  • Digital and social media marketing and analytics
  • Online retailing and channel design
  • Competitive marketing strategy
  • Network effects
  • Pricing dynamics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Cross-category and cross-media marketing
  • Social interactions and peer effects

Operations & Information Management

  • Auction theory and applications
  • Database design and security
  • Database management
  • Distributed computing and client/server technology
  • Electronic commerce
  • Economics of information and information systems
  • Healthcare information systems
  • Management of technology
  • Manufacturing systems, planning and strategy
  • Supply chain management
  • and More

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Dissertations for Business Education

  • Abdelaziz, Hamdy A.

    Instructional practices and applications of computer technology and multimedia: A model for teaching business education

    Ph.D. thesis, University of Arkansas.

    View Abstract

  • Abou-Rustom, Elias R.

    Factors affecting the receptivity of potential graduate business students for online MBAs: Mid-level managers in selected Arab nations

    Ph.D. thesis, Touro University International.

    View Abstract

  • Acree, Karen L.

    Learner response systems: The effects on course level retention and learner success in a community college business microcomputer applications course

    Ph.D. thesis, New Mexico State University.

    View Abstract

  • Adams, Jean M.

    “Second generation” e-learning: An action-based exploration of design and implementation

    Ph.D. thesis, York University .

    View Abstract

  • Ahmad, Nabeel

    Examining the effectiveness of a mobile electronic performance support system in a workplace environment

    Ph.D. thesis, Teachers College, Columbia University.

    View Abstract

  • Ahmad, Rami Mahmoud

    Effectiveness of Web-based virtual learning environments in business education: Focusing on basic skills training for information technology

    Ph.D. thesis, Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College.

    View Abstract

  • Ahn, Jung-Hoon

    Application of experiential learning cycle in learning with a business simulation game

    Ph.D. thesis, Teachers College, Columbia University.

    View Abstract

  • Alderdice, Nancy Baker

    Internet-based delivery of undergraduate management education: Current status and future trends

    Doctor of Philosophy thesis, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

    View Abstract

  • Al-Moshaigeh, Abdullah I.

    The effect of self-efficacy on the decisions to enroll and succeed in Internet accounting courses

    Ph.D. thesis, Florida Atlantic University.

    View Abstract

  • Almusalam, Sulaiman Nasser

    Factors related to the use of computer technologies for professional tasks by business and administration teachers at Saudi technical colleges

    Ph.D. thesis, The Ohio State University.

    View Abstract

  • Alqarni, Ali S.

    The characteristics of trainers and their level of implementation of information technology at the Institute of Public Administration in Saudi Arabia

    Ph.D. thesis, Colorado State University.

    View Abstract

  • Al-Weshail, Abdullah Sulaiman

    Use and integration of computer and computer-related technology by faculty members at the Institute of Public Administration in Saudi Arabia

    Ph.D. thesis, Mississippi State University.

    View Abstract

  • Anderson, Lorraine P.

    Interactive televised instruction: Factors that influence student evaluations of business courses

    Ph.D. thesis, West Virginia University.

    View Abstract

  • Arosteguy, Sherri Lee

    Computer competencies of high school seniors in the state of Utah

    Ph.D. thesis, Utah State University.

    View Abstract

  • Atiyah, Wadiah

    Multimedia computer-based instruction effect on enhancing graduate introductory accounting

    Ph.D. thesis, American University.

    View Abstract

  • Azuaje, Rafael

    Assessment of desired characteristics of graduate faculty in three different graduate learning communities (evening, online and weekend) from a graduate student's perception

    Ph.D. thesis, Northcentral University.

    View Abstract

  • Badowski, Robert

    The effect of podcasted review sessions on Accounting I students' performance

    Ph.D. thesis, Robert Morris University.

    View Abstract

  • Bailey, Jeffrey S.

    Hiring Managers' Perceptions of the Value of an Online MBA

    Ph.D. thesis, Walden University.

    View Abstract

  • Bakia, Marianne F.

    Cost-effectiveness of instructional delivery platforms: Comparing classroom, satellite, and online education

    Ph.D. thesis, Columbia University.

    View Abstract

  • Ball, Stephen Reid

    The role of organizational culture in innovation adoption: Teaching through the Internet in specialized schools of business

    Ph.D. thesis, University of Michigan.

    View Abstract

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